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Travel can really take its toll, even if the rewards are truly sweet. Many things will go your way during the trip – maybe you’ll stumble on the best slice of pizza on earth, or discover the perfect shore to swim along.

And, at times, things will most certainly not go your way! That’s what insurance is for, to account for the unexpected expenses. Even someone who’s travelled before may be caught unawares by some insurance curveballs though.

Want a no-fuss adventure? Study up on the below articles.

  • Prepare your children for travelling alone. Insurers are generally happy to cover anyone under the age of 18 for no cost when they’re accompanied by an adult. If they’re travelling on their own, however, it’s a different story.
  • Avoid bringing certain items back home. Everyone loves to bring home a souvenir for their loved ones (and a cheeky one for themselves!). But some items are better left on their native soil, as Australian quarantine laws are no joke. We go into detail on some of the items you should forget about packing for the return trip.
  • Long term travel insurance isn’t complicated. Many of us dream of departing to somewhere exotic for a long stretch of time. Maybe you want to spend your long service leave backpacking in the USA, or maybe you want to try your hand at cycling across Italy. Whatever it is, you need to make sure your travel cover caters for this longer trip.
  • 11 things to take on an overseas trip. No matter the trip, there are certain essential items you must pack in your suitcase or backpack. Don’t leave home without them!

More tips for travellers wanting to stay healthy on their trip

  • Learn as much as you can about where you’re going. There are certain things you should know about any city you venture into.
    • What language do they speak?
    • What currency do they use? Is tipping a custom?
    • Are there are cultural hang-ups / faux pas that you may accidently commit?
  • Pack for your destination. Pack the right clothing for (1) the long flights, and (2) for specific activities you’ll be undertaking at your destination. Furthermore, make sure you clothing is culturally sensitive to where you’re travelling to. SmartTraveller.gov.au has this kind of information on their website.
  • Take care of yourself while you’re away. If you’re on your own, you shouldn’t have any issues taking some time from your schedule to do some push ups and crunches in your hotel room! If you’re travelling with your family, think of it as a good way of releasing some of that stress of rushing your group from one place to the next. You can always get in your daily dose of movement by walking everywhere, too.
  • Get your shots before you leave. According to Vaccine Hub, a large number of Hepatitis A cases reported in Australia were traced back to overseas contraction. How many? Sixty nine percent of cases in New South Wales 1 It just goes to show that getting vaccinated (and a general check up) before you depart overseas is a smart move to protect yourself from very real threats.
  • Don’t forget to slip slop slap. Just because you’re on an adventure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after yourself. No matter where you are, make sure you slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek out some shade, and slide on some sunnies.


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